Monday, July 4, 2011


hello there...i hope this post finds you all well.  We have been getting lots of questions; through our parents, on facebook, via e-mail, etc.  Now that we are getting settled we will start to respond to your questions and fill you in on our crazy little life.  The most common request is for pics of preggo jess.  so here are a few pictures to tide you over ::smile:: you also get to see penny.


  1. I'm glad your blog is up and running. Jess, you wear your pregnancy beautifully!! I love the pic of the heart hands over the baby. I would also like to add that I'm glad Oshikuru made it to the new house!! I was supposed to grab him ( and his bowl) and I left him on top of the fridge at the old house. oops!!

    Can't wait till your next post! Love you!! Mom...aka Yaya..

  2. Gotta love our technology world! It will be fun to follow along.
    Looking forward to the brand new saga of my grandson

  3. Love the pics! May I add you to our blogroll? I am better at keeping up that way....